Payment for services

In order to make payments, go to “My payments” section and add the payment you need.

What is “My payments”?

“My payments” is a place where you can browse all bills and payments of the current month. To make it even more convenient, we broke “My payments” into several main categories: 

  • Payments for mobile phone services;
  • Payments for public utility services;
  • Payments for Internet access;/li>
  • Payments for TV services;
  • Payments for land line phones.

In this section you can add, delete, edit payments and browse receipts. “My payments” section displays:

  • Name of the company providing the service.
  • Period to be paid for.
  • Name (purpose) of the payment, for example, ‘Mom’s apartment’
  • Amount you need to pay
  • Billing date
  • Amount and date of payment
  • What you can do with the payment (pay, change or delete).
  • Receipt

How to create a payment?

  1. Click on “Add payment” in the corresponding section
  2. Select the company
  3. Enter the “Name of the payment”
  4. Depending on the service you selected, the system will require additional data (phone number if you add money to your mobile phone account, contract number in case you pay for the Internet access, your personal account number or payment code if you pay for public utilities etc.)

How is Personal Area used to make payments?

“My payments” section will display your public utility, Internet access, telephone and TV services bills. It will also show regular payments you made to mobile providers.

  1. Use you login and password to get authorized in the system.
  2. Select the service provider you need to pay to. Click on “Pay”.
  3. Then enter CVV2/CVC2 code of the selected payment card on the secured payment page.
  4. Payment data will be processed.
  5. You will be forwarded to the page of payment completion and informed if the transaction was successful/failed.
  6. Payment data is immediately displayed in the Personal Area. A receipt is a document to prove that the payment was made. You can review it, print.