Online card to card transfer of any bank



Valid thru:


cvv Code

amount UAH

Fee 1% + 5 UAH

Amount of transfer to cards issued in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, limited to 2500 UAH per 1 translation..


Card number:

To notify the recipient by: sms* or email

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successful transfers

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  • We work 24/7;
  • Accept card 120 Banks in Ukraine;
  • The transfer of money in 1 minute;
  • Easy transfers from your mobile or tablet;
  • More than 50 banks/partners use our service on their websites.
The maximum amount (UAH) of the transfer Commission 25 256
The maximum amount (UAH) of transfer per day 110 000
The maximum amount (USD) transfers per month 220 000
The maximum amount of transfers per day 25
The maximum amount of transfers per month 100
On the card of any Bank of Ukraine 1% + 5 UAH.
  • safety
    • To prevent fraud applies to 3D-Secure technology.
  • pci dss Level 1
  • encryption data
    • In accordance with the requirements and recommendations of the standard PCI DSS to better protect user data encryption at the transport level.
  • Anti-fraud system
    • In already implemented effective protection against unauthorized transactions, which is provided by its own anti-fraud system. This system almost instantly blocked any signs of suspicious transactions, resulting in operations become impossible with lost or stolen credit card.

To transfer between the cards you need to specify:

  • 1 The sender's card number
    • consists of 16 digits located on the front side of the card
  • 2 The card expiration - month and year
    • Two-digit number on the front of the card
  • 3 CVV code card of the sender
    • 3-digit number on the reverse side
  • 4 The amount of the transfer
  • 5 Numberof receipent card


  • Mon - Fri 8:00 - 22:00
  • Sat - Sun 9:00 - 21:00

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Money transfers from one card to another is a convenient service, absolutely every
cardholder can use. It does not matter what is your card - Visa or Mastercard. Our service
allows you to make transfers to any cards issued by Ukrainian banks.

How to use this service?

To use the service, and to make a transfer will take you only a couple of minutes:

- Enter the details of your card: 16-digit number, its expiry date and the CVV-code;
- Phone number of a sender, that is yours;
- You should also specify the amount of the transfer;
- Number of the Ukrainian bank card, which will be credited for the transfer (16 digits).

You enter the data of your card, amount of transfer and the phone number, then fill out
the field with the recipient's card number.
If desired, you can also enter the contact details of the recipient of funds so be able
to inform about money transfer to the card.

Terms and tariffs Service offers competitive rates for transfers from one card to another - 1% of the
amount +5 hryvnia. The fee is charged of the sender's card.

Any card holder, whose card was issued by one of Ukrainian banks can use
the service "Transfer from card to card". Even if the recipient is outside the country, but he
has a bank card , the transfer can be realized. service guarantees the safety of its services

All transfers are performed on site are protected by 3D-Secure technology. All data is
encrypted carefully in accordance with the PCI DSS protocol, developed by the world's
leading payment systems. We also use an anti-fraud system that blocks any attempt of
fraudulent transactions.

We trust the Ukrainian banks

We are trusted not only by customers, but also by Ukrainian banks! Among our partners
there are 18 Ukrainian banks on the websites of which customers are able to make a money
transfer from card to card. If you are a client of: feel free to use the service on the website of the bank.
And if you can not find your bank in the list, you can always make a transfer on