Safety of payers

Encryption pages

All pages have asymmetric 256-bit data encryption. One of the most secure and reliable encryption methods in the world

Data storage protection does not store or save the CVV2 / CVC2 code at the time of the transaction. It is prohibited according to requirements of international payment systems Visa and Mastercard.

Protection during payments and transfers сертифицирован по международному стандарту безопасности PCI DSS. Сертификация PCI DSS свидетельствует о том, что соответствует требованиям платежных систем Visa и MasterCard касательно информационной безопасности в части обработки данных платёжных карт во время осуществления платежей и переводов

Payments and transfers insurance

Each payment is insured by IK Arsenal Insurance. If you made a payment or transfer on the, it will reach the recipient anyway. If for any reason does not make enrollment or transfer to the recipient - IK Arsenal Insurance will compensate all damage incurred by the sender of funds.

Fraud protection

A real-time transaction monitoring service tracks every payment. With every payment, the card number is checked for the presence of it in blacklists (blocked or stolen cards) and for other various payment anomalies.

Also, 3dsecure technology is used to protect a payment or transfer from fraud. With 3dsecure technology, we make sure that it is you who are paying with your card now, and we do not let scammers do it for you. When you enter card details on, a secure page of your bank appears, where you need to enter a secret code. Only you and your bank know this code, and cannot intercept it or use it for illegal purposes.

International obligations is 100% owned by the international holding PAYMENT SOLUTIONS HOLDING LLC, which provides services and goods in more than 25 countries.

Intellectual property

We seek to protect the rights of payers, as well as our intellectual property rights, relying on the laws of Ukraine and the laws of other countries

We enter into confidentiality, non-disclosure, and transfer of rights to inventions agreements with our employees and contractors, and non-disclosure agreements with other parties to restrict access, disclosure, and use of our confidential information and proprietary technologies.

In addition to these contractual measures, we also rely on a combination of trademarks, branding, copyright, registered domain names, trade secrets, and patent rights to protect our brand and our other intellectual property.

We develop a patent program and strategy for identifying, registration, and protecting patents for innovative aspects of our products, services, and technology, where appropriate.

We intend to file additional patent applications as we continue to innovate through our research and development activities and provide additional patent protection to the extent that we believe it is beneficial and cost-effective.