How to pay with a bank card

  1. Select the company you need to pay to in the appropriate section (public utility services, mobile phone accounts, Internet payments, etc.) on iPay.ua Web site.
  2. Fill out the payment form (all fields required for payments). Click on “Pay”.
  3. Enter card details on the next page: 16-digit card number (on the front side of the card), validity period and the CVV-code (three digits on the back side of the card). Click on “Continue”.
  4. When the payment is successfully completed, you will be offered to receive the receipt to your email or to have it printed. The receipt proves that the payment was made. The amount of payment will be accrued to the relevant service account within 10 minutes.
  5. In case the payment was rejected by the bank, you can try again or find out why it was rejected by contacting the call center of the bank that has issued your card.

If you passed authorization before the payment, it will be saved in the “Payment archive” section of the Personal Area. You can also make a “Template” to repeat the payment or create an “Automated payment”. Find out more in the “Personal Area”.