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Service Support servyca always ready to answer your question. If in the course of work with you voznykly Servis problems Vы Prices Or make proposals for Improvement of service work - zvonyte phone Hot LINES:

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Questions and answers

1. How long may charge for utilities?
We aim to sum to the total expense of the organization for the next working day, credited to your personal account depends on the accounting of the organization, usually between 3-5 business days.

2. I have not paid your bill. What should I do?
Consult with a receipt to the organization, the account which is paid, in order to redirect the money into your account. They can also give us back that amount, and we will return it to you.

3. I can not find the right company at the site. How to pay?
If the company is not listed, you can pay your utility bill for details.

4. Do not appear on counters data.
Accounts Payable electronically transmits to us the utility, we display only the information you have received from the organization.

5. How can I confirm my payment?
In your e-mail address when successfully effected payment will receipt of payment. It is the confirmation of the payment. If necessary, service can also provide a paper receipt with stamp.

6. What if I do not come to the post office receipt?
Check the folder "Spam" in their e-mail. If the letter is missing - we will resend mail all receipts.

7. Why does not come confirmation code for the transaction?
Confirmation code arrives at the mobile phone number, which is assigned to a bank card. In the absence of a code, contact your service bank card to verify the relevance of mobile numbers. By bank card level 2-d can be connected to an SMS message service, or need to contact the operator to a bank branch to clarify the code.

8. How to connect the SMS-banking service and how much does it cost?
Cost and how to connect to the service sms-banking is necessary to clarify the hotline of your bank.

9. I can not find the service on site. How do I pay for it?
If there is no service on the website can be paid to the details.

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