What are the reasons for unsuccessful payment?

  • Insufficient funds on your card.
  • Card has expired.
  • The transaction is not authorized by the issuing bank: Your card has been blocked for online payments or a limit has been set on it.
  • 90% of cards in Ukraine are issued with a set limit, which prohibits payment via the Internet. To fix this, contact your bank's customer service. The phone number is indicated on the card itself. Usually from the reverse side. They will help you change the limit. Please note: limits may limit the very fact of payment via the Internet, the maximum one-time payment amount, as well as the maximum daily payment amount.

  • The payment request is not allowed by the payment gateway: Most likely, the CVV2 code verification is disabled for your card.
  • Contact your bank. They will help you enable CVV2 code verification. The customer service phone number is usually indicated on the back of the card itself.

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