How to make a transfer?

If You want to use the service "Transfer from card to card", You need:

1.  Fill the fields necessary for the transaction:

  • the card number of the sender;
  • validity terms of the card of the sender;
  • the amount of transfer in UAH;
  • CVC2/CVV2;
  • recipient’s card number;

2.  Read and accept terms of the Bank's services (put a "tick" in the appropriate box)

3.  Check all information and if they are correct, click "Accept operation."

The system will automatically calculate and display the amount of the commission and the total amount with will debit from the card.

4.  Take personalization by confirming the operation by one of the technologies way:

  • technology look-up.

If card not to connect to technology 3DSecure and you did not make a successful operation to transfer with the registration number of your mobile phone on the this webpage for the previous 3 calendar days – for confirming the action you need to enter a one-time digital password.

A one-time digital password you can find by contacting the call center bank issuing the card sender or in the SMS, received from the bank issuing the card sender - if the card is connected to the M-banking.

It is recommended put the number of the mobile phone when You preparing transfer for registration - in this case, all transfers during 3 days from the date of registration You will be able to send by technology One-time SMS-password.

  • technology 3DSecure (Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code).

If the Card of the Sender is connected to the 3DSecure in the bank that issued the card – for confirming of the operation You must put a one-time password provided to You on a mobile phone sent by bank.

  • technology sms - password.

If the card of the Sender is not connected to the technology 3DSecure, and you made successfully transfer service from one card to the other card with the registration of the mobile phone number on the this webpage, You need put a password provided by the SMS wich was sent to a specified during registration mobile number during the next 3 calendar days for confirmation of the operation.

5.  The system will check all your data and display the information about the success or failure of the transaction during few seconds after you click "Confirm the operation."

6.  In the case of the success of the operation term availability of funds from the card to the recipient is determined by the rules of the bank that issued the card.

Usually money will available on the card Visa / Mastercard during 30 minutes after the completion of the transfer from card to card. Sometimes the terms can be several days 2-5.