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Allows you to pay for services or goods, knowing only the bank details of the supplier.The funds will be credited on the next banking day.

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Security payments

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Limits and Limitations

Transfers from card to card in Ukraine

29 999 ₴ Maximum amount (UAH) of transfer with commission
110 000 ₴ The maximum amount (UAH) of transfer per day

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Additional Information

Do you want to accept Visa and MasterCard on your site? Using is easier than you might think. The service helps organize free card acceptance in just one day without extra effort.

All you need is to fill out an application on our website:

Within three working days we generate a personal page for you , which you can place on your website and start accepRNTRCg payment cards to pay for your own goods and services.

Pay bills, knowing only the details of the company

The nationwide online payment system enables all its customers to make payments, knowing the details of the company or government agency. With pay the bill on the details is very simple, it needs only to have a computer or tablet, as well as bank card Maestro / Cirrus, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, issued by absolutely any of the banks in Ukraine.

Benefits of payment on free details

The service of transferring money to an account gives all users of the service a lot of advantages:

  • Time saving. The time it takes to pay bills is less than a minute, the availability of services is 24/7..
  • Quick transfer from card to account of any municipal enterprises.
  • Making tax and other payments to the budget.
  • Fast payment of insurance premiums.

How to pay the invoice?

To make an instant payment of details in the system, you need to be the owner of a bank card issued by any of the Ukrainian banks. In order for the indicated amount to be credited to the account of the enterprise, the Sender of funds in the fields specially designed for this purpose shall indicate the following information::

Recipient code

If we are talking about legal entities, you must specify EDRPOU (code of the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine).The code consists of eight digits, it can be seen on almost any document issued by a particular organization. In addition, there are state bases where you can find the EDRPOU of a particular legal entity.When payment is made for individuals, it is necessary to indicate the RNTRC (individual taxpayer number). It consists of 10 digits. In any case, the EDRPOU or RNTRC will be indicated in the details to which payment should be made, as well as receipts for the payment of goods and services.

Current account and IBAN

The current account is An account that is used by a financial institution to account for a client’s cash. Previously, settlement accounts consisted of 20 characters. Recently, they open in accordance with international standards IBAN (International Bank Account Number). In Ukraine, this code consists of 29 alphanumeric characters. Information can be found in the details.

Purpose of payment

This is a required field, which is required. In this case, you need to specify exactly the information that is written on the site where you order goods or services (or the receipt itself). Without this, it will be difficult to identify the payment, which can lead to certain delays in the shipment of products.

Why the commission is so big

At first glance, it might seem that the commission is quite large. At the same time, it simply cannot be less, since it is divided between:

  • a acquirer bank (a financial institution that serves the recipient company);
  • service (transfers funds from the buyer to the acquiring bank);
  • International payment systems Visa and MasterCard (without them, cashless payments are impossible at all).

Actually our profit is minimal, most of the commission is transferred to intermediaries and payment systems. As a result, paying for goods and services through is the most profitable solution for you and your customers!

Bank account payment terms

When transferring by details, the Sender pays a small commission service charge. Its size is 2% of the amount transferred + 4 hryvnia. Therefore, before paying bills or insurance premiums, the Sender should make sure that there is enough money on his payment card. The minimum amount that can be sent is 10 hryvnia, the maximum payment that can be transferred - 29 999 UAH.

The all-Ukrainian system of online payments has taken care of the comfort of its users, so you can pay bills from anywhere in Ukraine. is security and comfort, which is why payment of details does not take much time. Now for quick payment of the bill you do not need to go to the bank or use the payment terminals, just go to the website.