Create a personal
collection of money on the card

Collect money from a group of people to a personal card or IBAN account. You can paste the finished collection on your website or copy the link and share it with anyone and anywhere.

Create a collection page
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What is a fundraising page?

A fundraising page is your personal payment page for collecting money from a group of people.

Create payment pages yourself. Specify the card or IBAN where you want to receive enrollment and share the link to the page.


What are fundraising pages used for?

Project Development
Social goals
For dinner Icon
Gathering for school
Donations Icon
For gifts Icon
Debt collection Icon
Housing repair
Help for children Icon
For idea Icon

Created. Sent. Got.

The fundraising page is a simple tool that will allow you to collect any amount of money for any of your goals, track who transfered money and keep records.


How does it work?


Choose a collection goal

For driveway repair, school fees, for dinner with friends, for animal feed, whatever!


Enter the card number or IBAN and the amount

Enter your bank details (card or IBAN) to receive transfers and the desired amount.


Generate links and send to recipients

One link can be shared with an unlimited number of payers.

Payment statistics

Track payments using your payment link in your personal account. Control who sent you and how much.

*In order to create a fundraising page, you need to register on

Create a page