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Your goal is to grow your business by getting more guests to stay.

A customer is often ready to book a hotel after browsing its website, and the only thing that prevents him from doing so is inability to pay online.

Why would a hotel need an online payment service?

First and foremost, to support bookings with real money.

Secondly, the online payment system “insures” the hotel: in case of cancellations it can charge a fine to compensate its costs. is the only service in Ukraine that has a tool to authorize (put on hold) funds on Visa and MasterCard accounts online. You can use this option if the customer is not sure about his visit. Therefore, if the customer decides to cancel, you can charge some amount to insure the hotel from any loss.

Then, by connecting the payment service directly you will offer better prices for your customers, as many other hotels get similar services from intermediaries.

Finally, you have a chance to track payments regardless of banking days and operation time.

To top it all, you can attract new clients that previously failed to use your service only because they couldn’t pay online.

How does work?

There are two modes of using “Automated” and “With a manager”.

If your booking system provides for finding free rooms in real time, you can use the “Automated” mode. In this case a customer can pay online right after he selected a room and you don’t have to get involved.

  • The customer specifies his arrival date, type of the room, enters his personal information and selects to “Pay online using Visa or MasterCard”. Then he confirms the payment.
  • After this, the customer specifies his card information on the secure payment page of and confirms payment for his booking. The hotel receives his payment in UAH to its current account in any Ukrainian bank.

In case your online booking system does not show free rooms in real time, you can use “With a manager” mode to draw up bills.

  • The customers finds out if there are any free rooms by phone or e-mail, provides his arrival date to the manager and confirms that he is ready to make advanced/full payment with his Visa or MasterCard.
  • The manager of the hotel draws up a bill in the Personal Area of and emails a link leading to the payment page to the customer.
  • The customer clicks on the link and gets forwarded to the secure online payment page where he enters his data and confirms the payment.
  • The hotel manager sends booking confirmation to the client.
  • The amount is accrued to the current account of the hotel.

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