The transfer of money from one card to any Bank of Ukraine


Card number:

Valid thru:


cvv Code

amount UAH

Fee 1% + 5 UAH

Amount of transfer to cards issued in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, limited to 2500 UAH per 1 translation..


Card number:

To notify the recipient by: sms* or email

  • You can transfer in local currency between cards Visa, MasterCard or Maestro any Ukrainian Bank.
  • The transfer fee is 1.0% + 5 UAH and is deducted from the sender’s account along with the transfer amount.
  • The rate of enrolment in 95% of cases, the money will be credited within 30 minutes, other cases from 1 to 5 days.


  • 25,000 UAH – the maximum amount of one transfer;
  • 75000 UAH – the maximum amount of all transfers per day from one card;
  • 150000 UAH – the maximum amount of transfer one card per month;
  • 5 – the maximum number of transfers per day from one card;
  • 10 – the maximum number of transfers on one card this month.


To use this service, you must:

  1. Fill required fields on this page:
    • The card details of the Sender
      • the card number;
      • card expiration date;
      • CVC2/CVV2 code.
    • Numberof receipent card
    • The sender’s phone number (optional but recommended)
    • The amount of the transfer
    • Phone number and/or email of the recipient (optional).
  2. To see conditions of providing the Bank Service and confirm their adoption (put a "box" in the corresponding field).
  3. Check all input parameters, and if they are true, click "Transfer".
  4. To Authenticate with the confirmation by one of technologies:
    • by the technology 3DSecure (Verified by Visa/MasterCard Secure Code)

      If the card Sender is connected to 3DSecure inIssuer Bank – to confirm you will be prompted one-time password. It will be sent to you in SMS-messages to your mobile phone registered inBank.
    • technology look-up

      If the card Sender is not connected to 3DSecure and technology was not entered the phone number of the Sender – to confirm the operation will be requested enter the one-time digital password, which will be specified in the details of the request for information on the amount 1 UAH on the card Sender. This operation cannot be performed because of be cancelled.
      If the card Sender (client UniCredit Bank) connected to the service SMS-Banking – a one-time password will come from UniCredit in SMS messages:
      the first message about the operation in the amount of UAH 1, the second message about the cancellation of this operation.
      If the card Sender is not connected to SMS-Banking – a one-time code you can read, ask for details authorization in the contact centre of the Bank that issued the card Sender. UniCredit Bank clients can do this by phone 0-800-5000-20 or short number 332 from your mobile phone.
      it is Recommended that when you set the translation settings to specify the number of your mobile for registration – in this the case of any subsequent transfer within 3 days from the moment register you will hold technology Single-use SMS password.
    • by single-use SMS password

      If the Card Sender is not connected to the technology 3DSecure, but was introduced phone of the Sender or you have successfully completed the transfer specify the number of your mobile phone at this Site the previous 3 calendar days – to confirm operations will be asked to enter the one-time digital password, sent to you in the form of SMS messages from AlfaBank specified the mobile phone number.
  5. The system will verify your data and will information on success or failure of the transaction after a few seconds after pressing button "Confirm".
  6. In the case of success, the period of availability of funds on the card The recipient is determined by the rules of the Bank that issued the card Recipient.


Frequently asked questions and answers to them

What is 3D secure?

3DSecure (Verified by Visa/MasterCard Secure Code) — method improve security operations with using maps in the Internet. In the majority of banks is the confirmation of operations map by typing single-use SMS password.

How to know the exact amount of fee for transfer?

The Commission fee is calculated and displayed on screen automatically after you have entered the data card of the Sender and Recipient, also the amount of the transfer. You will always know the exact cost of translation to in how to send, remember rates are not required

Why not transfer takes place?

The most common causes of failure in the transfer:

  • on the Sender’s card is not sufficient for the transfer;
  • for this type of card Sender and/or Recipient of the transfer is prohibited;
  • sending and receiving cards are not in UAH;
  • used cards which transfers are prohibited;
  • transfer limit was exceeded
  • in the transfer was rejected by the Bank that issued the card Sender or card Recipient.
  • incorrect settings of the card of the Sender or Recipient, for example, an incorrect card number, validity date or CVC2/CVV2 code;
  • the Bank may refuse to the translation without explanation.

The transfer was successful, but the money to still not reached recipient, why?

Term of transfer may take several days

The fact of transfer need to be checked with the receiving card (using statement). In if funds are not will be credited over the expected time, you can contact our support service and ask a question or submit a claim for investigate translation. In the claim must specify translation settings — date, time, amount, card numbers (first 6 and the last 4 digits of the card) the Sender and the Recipient.

I inputed wrong number of the Recipient card — what to do?

Accidentally slipping in the card number of the Recipient is quite difficult — the system validates card numbers on a particular algorithm, and as a rule, when there is an error in one or more digits of the card number you immediately same you will receive notification of the fact that the card number is just not exist. In case the same was erroneously entered real card number, and translation was sent successfully (you received notice of the success of the translation) — to make any changes in the transfer or to revoke, unfortunately, impossible.

Can I cancel a transfer?

To recall a successful transfer is impossible.

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