Transfer money from the card by e-mail


Card number

Valid to:


CVV Code

Fee 1% + 5 грн.



*Cost of SMS sending is 1 UAH

Only for cards of Ukrainian banks in UAH. The amount of the fee: 1% + 5 UAH. The fee is charged to the sender.

The Terms of transfer depends on the rules of the Bank on which has emitted the recipient's card. In most cases, money is transferred within a few minutes.

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  • We work 24/7;
  • Accept card 120 Banks in Ukraine;
  • The transfer of money in 1 minute;
  • Easy transfers from your mobile or tablet;
  • More than 50 banks/partners use our service on their websites.
Maximum amount (UAH) of transfer with commission 25 256
Maximum amount (UAH) of transfers per day 110 000
Maximum amount (UAH) of transfers per month 220 000
The maximum number of all transfers per day 25
Maximum number of all transfers per month 100
To the card of any bank of Ukraine 1% + 5 UAH.
  • security
    • To prevent fraud, 3D-Secure technology is used.
  • pci dss Level 1
  • Encryption data
    • In accordance with the requirements and recommendations of the standard PCI DSS For better protection of user data, encryption is used at the transport level.
  • Anti-fraud system
    • has already implemented effective protection against unauthorized operations, which is provided by its own anti-fraud system. This system almost instantly blocks any signs of suspicious transactions, as a result of which operations with a stolen or lost bank card become impossible.

To transfer between cards, you need to specify:

  • 1 Bank card number of the sender
    • Consisting of 16 digits is on the front side of the card
  • 2 Period of validity of the card month and year
    • Two two-digit numbers on the front of the card
  • 3 CVV code of the sender card
    • 3-digit number on the reverse side
  • 4 Transfer amount
  • 5 Beneficiary card number

Service offers a convenient, and most importantly - a safe service of fast money transfers to a card issued by any Ukrainian bank.

How can I transfer money to another bank card?

It is quite easy to use the transfer service from card to card. Enter the following data:

  • - 16-digit number of your bank card, its CVV-code and validity period;
  • - Your mobile number;
  • - Amount of transfer;
  • - 16-digit card number for which the transfer will be credited, and also, if desired, the beneficiary's contacts so that we can notify him about crediting funds to the account.

In just a couple of minutes, the transfer will be completed and the funds will be sent to the card you indicated!

Our tariffs and conditions

Service offers the most favorable tariffs. The commission will be 1% of the transfer amount +5 UAH. In this case, the commission is paid by the sender.

Even if the recipient is currently outside the country, the money will be credited to his bank card.

Guarantee of protection of your data

All operations performed on the website are protected by 3D-Secure technology. The data you entered is carefully encrypted in accordance with the PCI DSS protocol, which was developed by the world's leading payment systems. Service uses an anti-fraud system that detects and blocks any attempts of fraudulent transactions.

Banks of Ukraine trust us

We are trusted by the banks of Ukraine, as well as their customers! Today, among the partners of the service are 13 Ukrainian banks, on the websites of which each client can easily make a money transfer to a card. If you are a bank customer: Safely use the service on your bank's website. And if your bank is not on this list, you can always use our service!


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