Create a page for the fundraiser

Generate a link to receive a transfer to your card. The user will not see your card number but will be able to send you money. You will receive a notification about the transfer to your phone number and Email.


For reports and notifications

Fundraiser from the group

If you need to fundraising from the group, you can create additional fields for senders to fill in.

Developed with MasterCard


What is the "Get money to card service" for?


Keep your card number confidential

Receive transfers without giving the card number to the sender


Raise the money

From friends, colleagues, for an event or a gift


Simplify accounting

The sender of the transfer must fill in all the required fields before sending.

How does it work?

Enter card number

Enter your card number, full name, and phone number, as well as your Email, to receive notifications about transfers to your card.

Add fields for the sender

Add fields you need which must be filled in by the sender of the transfer (for example, full name, group number, etc.).

Send a link for the transfer

Get a ready-made link for a transfer to your card and send it to the sender.

Get reports on transfers

Look transfer reports in a pivot table. Add your fields to get the most complete information about incoming payments.