Create a page to raise money

Form a link to get a transfer to Your card. The user will not see Your credit card number, but will be able to send you money. You will get a notification on Your phone number and e-mail address.


Card number

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Amount (optional):

Email for notifications and reports:

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Fundraising from the group

If you need to raise money from the groups of people, You can create additional fields to be filled in by the senders.

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transfer Assignment

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These fields will fill in the sender Transfer

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Get a transfer to the card "What is this service for"?

Keep Your card number confidential

Get transfers on Your card without informing the sender its number

Collect money

With Your friends and colleagues, for an event or a gift

Simplify reports

The sender will complete all the fields required

How does it works?

1st step

Enter the card number, name, Your phone number and e-mail address to receive notifications about transfers to Your card.

2st step

Create the desired set of fields to be filled in by the sender (for example: name, group number, etc.).

3rd step

Get the link provided to order a transfer on Your card and give it to the sender.

Get reports on transfers

Collect money for a gift

Date Amount Phone number Full name Group
12.12.2016 12:00 200 UAH +380666645454 Sergey Makarov CRC-10
12.12.2016 12:00 200 UAH +380666645454 Ivan Ivanenko CRC-10
12.12.2016 12:00 200 UAH +380666645454 Ivan Ivanenko CRC-10


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