Charity organization Yapomoga

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Today, we want to share with you the joyful news.

We became part of the innovative project of "Yapogoma" (created by "I" and "Help" in Ukrainian). There are no doubts that it could be a great project. We want, and we are ready together with you to make the world a better place! To help the seniors, orphans, animals and to care for the environment!

What is the best way to involve citizens and business in charity? The experience of developed democratic societies shows that the best way is to create tools by the "EasyGiving" format. It allows consumers to donate points, bonuses, and discounts accumulated by them in trade networks in favor of non-profit organizations that transfer funds to those who really need them.

In addition, projects of the "EasyGiving" format play an important role in popularizing the ideas of mass philanthropy. They raise awareness of citizens about important social problems and ways to solve them. They inform about activities of non-profit organizations, increase loyalty to socially responsible business.

Similar projects are widespread in the US, UK, as well as in the EU countries. At the moment, Ukraine does not have a single large-scale project that would provide consumers with this opportunity. Therefore, the launch of the charitable project "Yapomoga" will become a relevant and important event in the Ukrainian non-profit sector. It will promote the development and strengthening of charity.

"Yapomoga" is a place where you can become a part of the Great, create Good together with Business!

Receive the Bonus of Good in the network of our partners and translate them into Good Deeds!

"Yapomoga" is more than Good!