For travel agencies

With the help of, travel agencies can accept payments from tourists on the internet 24 hours a day. Tourists pay with Visa and Mastercard cards at their convenience, and the package of documents is received by e-mail.

Why does a travel agency need an online payment service?

Customer satisfaction. Some clients prefer to order their own leisure, minimizing communication with tour managers. They want to get all the necessary information on the Internet: information about tours, consultations, etc. It is important for them that the method of payment, as well as the choice of the tour, should be as appropriate to their requirements as possible. Travel companies can now meet the needs of this category of customers by providing a way to pay for tours online.

Expanding the geographical reach of clients. The service provides the opportunity to work with a large number of customers regardless of their remoteness from the office of your company.

Keeping pace with the times. Tourism is one of the most customer-oriented industries. Tourists are becoming more demanding, while travel agencies must be more creative. The availability of a modern additional payment method - using bank cards via the Internet - is an indicator of the high level of service and the competitive need for a company.

By the way, according to the National Bank, as of April 1, 2012, the number of active payment cards in Ukraine was 32,658 million units. At the same time, 52% of Ukrainians used payment cards for cashless payments.

The ability to pay attention to clients who need it. By providing «independent» clients all the necessary services for choosing and buying a tour online, tour managers can devote more time to customers who need personal communication.

No false orders. Typically, the consumer needs to make a prepayment or pay the full tour until the time of booking. But sometimes, in pursuit of clients, managers book a tour at their own risk.

How often does the customer change his decision on the way to you? He will think, consider other options for tours, dates - there are a lot of reasons to refuse a reservation. excludes the possibility of false orders as the client immediately makes a payment/prepayment.

The main advantages of using

  • Possibility to accept payment/prepayment for the tour, even if the tourist cannot come to the office of the travel agency. To pay using, the client only needs a card with money, an invoice from a travel agency, and internet access.
  • More impulsive purchases and less decision time. The simpler payment method increases the number of purchases and, accordingly, profits.
  • Speed. Invoicing takes less than 1 minute. The tourist needs only 30 seconds to pay. The travel agency is informed about the payment made instantly.

How is a payment made by

  • The tourist chooses the tour and the method of payment by credit card via the internet.
  • The manager of the travel agency creates a bill in the account of and sends an automatically created hyperlink to the client`s e-mail, leading to the secure payment page.
  • By clicking on the link, the client enters his card number, its validity period, and CVV / CV2 code (three digits on the back of the card) on the payment page, confirms the payment, and receives a notification of successful payment.
  • The tourist’s money is credited to the account of the travel company.


Financial terms of cooperation, simplicity, and user-friendly interface are the advantages that determine the choice in favor of It is also important that is certified according to the PCI DSS international security standard.

For travel agencies:

  • Connection to the service is FREE.
  • There is no subscription fee for both agencies and tourists.
  • There is a commission for transferring funds from a tourist to the current account of the travel agency. It can be distributed between the travel agency and the buyer.

Connection stages

Step 1. You fill out the form for the connection.

Step 2. You conclude a contract

Step 3. You are given access to the personal account of, where the travel agency manager can generate invoices and instantly receive information about the payments made.

For connection questions

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