For service providers

It often happens that customers fail to pay their bills for everyday services just because they forget that payments have deadlines or can’t find time for bank lines.

To reduce debts of your customers and increase efficiency of your business, ‘Universal Data Center’ LLC offers you the following:

Using a customer can transfer funds from his card to your bank account online - regardless of place and time. Upon your request, will send you information about the payments made on daily basis.

  • You can use as an additional tool to accept payments. Services are paid for using Visa or MasterCard issued by any world bank within or outside Ukraine by means of and the Internet acquiring service of the partner bank.

The customer specifies the number of the bill and its amount in a special payment form on your website or on and confirms the payment. You will get instant access to payment information in the Personal Area. Actual accrual of funds to the account is made by the partner bank of according to interbank provisions and contract terms.

  • Technical implementation of the tool to transfer customer’s funds from his card to your company’s account on your website, as well as on, our technical support service is always available for consults.
  • Notifying visitors of your Internet resource and that they can pay bills online using their bank cards after signing the contract. We are open to discuss mutually beneficial marketing events aiming to inform customers that now your company provides an extra feature of online payments.

We are eager to offer personal business solutions developed in line with unique features of your company.

We hope for beneficial cooperation!

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