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Pay for municipal kindergartens (Kiev) by credit card Visa, MasterCard or ПРОСТІР

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Regular payment

How does "Regular payments"?
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on the website accept online payments payment of Kindergartens in online, using a credit card visa or mastercard. for this вам you need to specify:

  • personal identification number indicated on the receipt;
  • period (month and year) for which you want to pay;
  • information about the child that will be displayed in the receipt of payment;
  • information about the payer (according to the requirements national Bank Ukraine (NBU)
  • the ability to connect the service «regular payment», that will save your time (payment receipts for Kindergarten next month will be done automatically);
  • the opportunity to purchase additional services for the development of individual characteristics and talents your child;
  • to order registered a book of fairy-tales for your the child from children’s writer and artist Todorova Oksana.

          «…registered the book helps the child to gain identity, develop confidence, be immersed in a world of magic, unforgettable adventures, emotions and paints. book – it’s an invisible assistant for the child who will tell you how to cope with difficult situations, and each andipacc help him in this… I I wish you fabulous reading! With love Oksana Todorova »

What is a "Regular payment"?

Regular payment (automatic payment) is a modern type of payment, which was introduced payment systems VISA and MasterCard.
Connecting service Regular payments, You will not have again and again to enter the data manually, the payment will be done automatically.

If You value your time – "Regular payment" is exactly what You need!

Join up today to the unique services – Regular payments and become one of the first in Ukraine a member of the program "Payments for Kindergarten can be unique from!

How to connect to "Regular payment" for Kindergarten?

  • Go to the payment page for "Kindergarten";
  • Connect – free one-click service "Regular payment";
  • Next month Your score for Kindergarten will be paid automatically!
  • After connecting to the service, all You need is just to keep on Your Bank card is needed for payment of the amount.

To check or change the automatic settings of Regular payment service, you must log in to "my account", go to "My payments", choose a template "Kindergartens", press the "clock" icon and view the terms of the automatic debit.

How to set "Regular payments" for Kindergarten on their own?

  • Step 1. Log in "Personal account";
  • Step 2. In "my account" select "My payment cards".
    Using the tips, to add a card for payment.
    To check the settings of "Regular payment";
  • Step 3. Go to "My payments", choose a template "Kindergartens", press the "clock" icon and fill out the form.

How is automatic payment receipts for the service of the Kindergarten?
Once you have subscribed to the service of Regular payments (automatic payments for Kindergarten) on the website You will get the following information:

  • to Your email will be sent notification of the service connection, which will indicate the date of the next cancellation;
  • before an automated payment (within 3 days), You will receive an email and sms reminder on automatic payment;
  • on successful payment, You will be informed via email and text messages and will indicate the date of payment in the following month.

Where to view the history of automatic payments?
Information about successful payment will be displayed in the "dashboard" tab in the "billing history"

The benefits of "Regular payments"

Reduce expenses on time payments.

To configure Regular payments very simply and quickly.

Timely repayment of debts.
To learn about withdrawal help service e-mail or sms information.

In order to pay for meals in kindergarten through the Internet with a bank card, you must specify:
  • the payment amount - will be displayed automatically based on the data that has sent us the garden of Your Pin. The generated amount can be changed only in a big way. This limitation was provided by the contract, which is enclosed with this organization.
    If You need to pay is less than that specified in the receipt, it is recommended to pay the amount shown now. Upon receipt of funds - in the garden will take into account the difference in amount will be credited as an overpayment to be recalculated during the formation of receipts for the next month.
  • personal identification number indicated on the receipt
  • period (month and year) for which you want to pay
  • e-mail to which the Send a letter to a verified payment

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