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Pay for municipal kindergartens (Kiev) by credit card Visa, MasterCard or ПРОСТІР
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Payment for kindergartens on

In order to pay for meals in kindergarten through the Internet with a bank card, you must specify:
  • the payment amount - will be displayed automatically based on the data that has sent us the garden of Your Pin. The generated amount can be changed only in a big way. This limitation was provided by the contract, which is enclosed with this organization.
    If You need to pay is less than that specified in the receipt, it is recommended to pay the amount shown now. Upon receipt of funds - in the garden will take into account the difference in amount will be credited as an overpayment to be recalculated during the formation of receipts for the next month.
  • personal identification number indicated on the receipt
  • period (month and year) for which you want to pay
  • e-mail to which the Send a letter to a verified payment

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