About iPay.ua

In 2008, the TCGroup * consortium, which has 18 years of experience in the production of plastic cards, ATMs, sim cards, and software, decided to develop the domestic market for internet payments, which was just emerging at that time in Ukraine.

Thus, the company “Universal Data Center” was created, which, having adopted the experience of foreign payment systems and banks, launched its own payment service on the market, known today as iPay.ua**.

iPay.ua is an all-Ukrainian service for accepting payments on the internet, through which everyone can pay for services and goods on the iPay.ua website or the iPay.ua partner website using a Visa or Mastercard from any bank in the world.

"Universal Payment Solutions" LLC is a member of the following payment systems:

  • AVERS #1 - according to the Agreement #13 of 09/27/2017 on participation in the international payment system "Avers #1"
  • GLOBUS - according to the agreement #7 dated 05/03/2019 on participation in the international payment system "Globus"
  • FlashPay - according to the agreement №1/В dated 29.09.2014 on participation in the domestic payment system "FlashPay"

Mission of iPay.ua

To promote the development of the Ukrainian internet payments market and its security.

To popularize internet payments among citizens of Ukraine

To allow every Ukrainian to pay for services and goods most conveniently - on the internet.

Implement the latest technologies and methods of protecting card data, ensuring maximum security of payers during online payments.

To develop your own methods of protection against online fraud and offer them to the market to protect not only iPay.ua customers but also clients of other payment services and banks.

To develop the business of our partners - suppliers of services and goods, providing their clients with a modern and most comfortable payment method.

iPay.ua today is:

  • tens of thousands of Ukrainians, which successfully use the all-Ukrainian payment service.
  • 7 partner banks - "Oschadbank", "Raiffeisen Bank Aval", "Ukreximbank", "Alfa-Bank", "PrivatBank", "Idea Bank", "TASKOMBANK", providing a reliable and uninterrupted process of online payments.
  • More than 500 partner companies that accept payment for their goods and services through iPay.ua.
  • PCI DSS is the highest level of security for internet payments.
  • Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode - the service works by the requirements of international payment systems.
  • Pectoral is own development by iPay.ua in the card data protection, which helps to confirm the identity of the cardholder during online payment using an electronic digital signature.

Our achievements:

For 4 years of work, our company has become one of the leaders of the Ukrainian online payment market.

The financial license was obtained.

More than 400,000 clients pay for services on the iPay.ua website every month.

A large audience of users - from 18 to 65 years old

All leading banks work with iPay.ua.

On the iPay.ua website, you can pay for the services of all leading Ukrainian utilities, internet providers, mobile operators, and many other services.


There is no monthly subscription fee on our site. Payment in the form of a commission is taken directly from the payer when he makes a payment. The commission for our services varies depending on:

  • the company you pay for
  • the type of card you pay with (VISA, Mastercard)

and ranges from 0 to 4% of the payment amount.

Financial license

The company UNIVERSAL DATA CENTER LLC, which is the owner of the iPay.ua service, has signed a cooperation agreement with the UNIVERSAL PAYMENT SOLUTIONS LLC financial company.

FC LLC UNIVERSAL PAYMENT SOLUTIONS is a financial institution registered following the procedure established by the legislation of Ukraine, which provides services based on the NBU License (No. 3 of 11.11.2013) for the transfer of funds. Also, FC LLC UNIVERSAL PAYMENT SOLUTIONS joined the Domestic non-bank payment system "Financial World" (agreement No. 14 of December 11, 2013) and the International money transfer system "AVERS" (agreement No. 126/2014 of October 6, 2014).

Owners of significant part of UPS LLCC as of 16.06.2021

Final key participants of UPS LLC 16.06.2021

Schematic representation of UPS LLC 16.06.2021