Car insurance only for mileage with CASCO EASY KATKA.

Pay as much as you drive

To find out the approximate cost of the EASY KATKA, enter the vehicle registration number.

Car insurance since 2015


Pay as much as you drive

Standard CASCO insurance can reach 6% of the car's value and is paid at least once a year. It's a lot. EASY KATKA is an innovative service for paying for insurance, where you pay only for kilometers traveled and not a penny more.


Save up to 40%

During the run up to 15 thousand km.

Pay UAH 0

After 15 thousand km. mileage

How does it work?

Buy a starter pack

The cost of the package is only 1% of the cost of the car per year and covers all risks

Install telematics

Easy Peasy specialists will contact you to install telemetry on the car

Pay per kilometer

Top up kilometers in the mobile application in a few clicks.

What is telematics?

This is a device that uses GPS and acceleration sensors (accelerometer) to collect information about when, where and how the car is used. With the help of telematics, Easy Katka determines whether the car is moving or not and does not withdraw money while the car is staying in the parking.
Installation takes only 20 minutes.


Why do you need CASCO?

Losses and damage to the car

Repair in case of road accident, fire, natural phenomena and natural disasters, mechanical damage in traffic and parking

Theft and kidnapping

Reimbursement of the value of the car in the amount of the insured amount under the policy in case of theft, robbery, robbery or hijacking

Complete death of the car

Cash payment in case of significant damage (total loss) of the car, for which the repair is estimated to be more than 65-75% of the sum insured under the policy