Masterpass™ technology from Mastercard®

Online payments – it’s simple and safe!

What is Masterpass

MasterPass Technology: How it works?

Masterpass is a simple, convenient and reliable tool for quick and safe online payments.

With Masterpass you need to type your card details only once during registration, and with the next payments only your login and password.

You don’t need to have a card with you to make purchase on the Internet.

How to try Masterpass technologies

Only 3 steps and you will join the global payment system Mastercard


Register at

Enjoy all the benefits of e-payments and e-transferring.


Tie up all your cards

It happens automatically and right away.


Pay through the Internet

Pay online anywhere on the Internet, from iPay to eBay.

Your card details are always safe!

After joining Masterpass and typing your card details: digits and expire date, you will not have to do it online ever again.

From now on, all you need to do is type in your login and password in Masterpass just with one click. How cool is that?

Key benefits


Just log in and choose a card


One-click payments. No card details needed.


E-payments globally just with one click.


You save your money and your time.

Register at now!

Try revolutionary technology with Mastercard

Registration at automatically enrolls you for Masterpass service. All your registered cards will be automatically tied up without extra actions.

Use iPay service and enjoy the comfort.