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Transfers from card to card in Ukraine

25 000 ₴

Maximum amount (UAH) of transfer


The maximum number of all transfers per day


Maximum number of all transfers per month

110 000 ₴

Maximum amount (UAH) of transfers per day

220 000 ₴

Maximum amount (UAH) of transfers per month

Transfer from card to card of any Ukrainian banks and financial institutions

On the website of JSC BANK TRUST-CAPITAL, the owner of Visa, Mastercard EPZ (electronic payment instrument), Mastercard can use card-to-card transfer services of Ukrainian banks and financial institutions in Ukraine. Everything happens almost instantly. You can perform the operation using a computer or smartphone, which saves your time and effort, because there is no need to visit the nearest branch of the bank or institution.

It should be noted that the execution of transfers via the Internet is possible only in the national currency (hryvnia). The maximum amount of the transaction is UAH 25,000.00. For a month it is possible to carry out operations for the total amount of 220 000.00 UAH.

In order to make a transfer, you must use the Online form: according to the rules, only the sender's card number, its validity and CVV-code, the sender's mobile phone, as well as the recipient's card number are entered. No additional information is required. The transfer fee reaches 1% + UAH 5.00.

Fast and secure card-to-card transfer

Performing such operations guarantees that the funds will be credited to the recipient's account. Both your personal data and the recipient's personal data are not passed on to anyone. To confirm the operation, you must enter the code that you will receive via SMS. The site is securely protected from hacker attacks, therefore, the probability of losing money as a result of the actions of attackers is reduced to zero.

Скорость осуществления транзакции

The efficiency of such operations depends on the rules of operation of the recipient bank. In most cases, the procedure is performed almost instantly, so the money will fall into the recipient's account in a few minutes. You can use the services of the recipient's message by e-mail or SMS.

Можно ли получить квитанцию ​​о переводе

The bank transfer receipt can be printed out immediately after the transaction is completed, as well as at any other time necessary for you. Information about transactions is stored in the archives for a long time, and you can always access it.

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