Money transfer from EU to Ukraine

Transfer money from a European Bank Mastercard to a Mastercard from any bank in Ukraine service does not charge commission from the recipient. However, the bank that issued the card to the recipient may charge the recipient for crediting funds. This information the recipient should clarify in your bank.

What cards can be used to transfer funds?

To transfer funds from one payment card to another, MasterCard cards can be used. Prepaid cards and business cards cannot be used to transfer funds through this service. If you own a Mastercard issued in your name, but it does not work, then contact the bank that issued it to you.

How fast is the money credited to the recipient?

As a rule, money is credited to the recipient’s account within a few minutes. However, in some cases, the transfer may be credited to the beneficiarys bank for up to two hours.

Does the recipient pay a transfer fee?

Fee from the recipient is not charged. However, the bank that issued the card to the recipient may charge the recipient for crediting funds. This information the recipient should clarify in your bank.

Is registration required for making a transfer?

No, you do not need to be a registered user to make a transfer. However, without having an account you will be limited to a transfer limit of no more than 50 euros per day.

What recipient data should I provide?

Just enter the name and number of the payment card recipient. Then we will make a transfer to the card you specified.

How can I confirm a transaction?

The transaction made through the service is provided with the same level of protection as other transactions with payment cards on the Internet. According to the rules of payments on mobile devices and on the Internet, each transaction is verified by the cardholder by entering the CVC2 code.

What are the restrictions on transactions?

In order to improve security on the service, there are some restrictions on conducting transactions. The daily limit determines the maximum number of transactions you can do in one day, and the monthly limit determines the maximum amount of transactions you can complete in one month.

Can I increase my transaction limit?

Yes, you have the opportunity to register on the service using an Email address. Registered and verified users have a higher transaction limit.

PCI DSS Compliance

The service operates in accordance with the requirements of the Mastercard payment system and Payment Card Industry Security Payment Standards. All data stored in the system is protected by special certificates and security procedures. We use the best security policies for electronic transactions, and many partners and thousands of clients trust us.

Transaction Limits

Minimum amount for transfer - 1 Euro

Without authorization:
- daily limit: 50 Euro;
- monthly limit: 50 Euro.

With pre-authorization:
- daily limit: 150 Euro;
- monthly limit: 1000 Euro.

Commission and exchange rate

The transfer fee is charged to the Sender of the transfer and is equal to 2% + 1 euro of the transfer amount.
If there is a difference between the currency of the account and the currency of the operation, the issuing bank may convert at its own rate, and may also charge an additional fee.
The current rate is displayed after filling in the fields with the amount.

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